Becca started cooking for fun as a kid, destroying her mother’s kitchen in an array of extravagant sandwich and pasta creations for her friends. It wasn’t until Becca turned 19 that she really started down the culinary path when she fell in love with southern cuisine and culture with a move to Mississippi. Hostess, busser, dishwasher, waiter, line cook, baker, sous chef, bartender, bar manager, chef, Becca did everything she could in the restaurant industry learning the business in any form possible.

Her culinary craft began at a steakhouse on 334 rural highway in Mississippi called Yocona River Inn. It is at Yocona that chef/owner Paige Osborn trained Becca in everything from bread baking to butchering and eventually running the line.

Simultaneously, Becca worked for Randy Yates at the iconic Ajax Diner on the Historic Oxford Square. Learning how to work, cook, sweat and push in a 500 cover lunch is what gave her the speed and confidence in the industry that lead her to the decision to move to New York City striving to attend culinary school and graduate the city’s infamous school of hard knocks.

In 2010 she joined the team at Recette in Greenwich Village as chef Jesse Schenker took a chance on her not having any NYC experience. The tiny 42 seat gem went on to garner accolade after accolade including New York Times “One of the  Best New Restaurants” in 2010 and Siffty’s 50.

After Recette she went on to work for the Shapiro family at Flex Mussels and eventually became the savory chef teaming up with Zac Young in pastry. From there Becca decided to finish her dream of completing culinary school and went to International Culinary Center (formerly the French Culinary Institute) where she graduated with honors while working as a captain in Jonathon Benno’s Lincoln.

The day of graduation Becca was offered a job as the Sous chef at John Deluce’s Lion by Chef Alex Williamson. Becca worked to eventually take over the Lion as the Chef d’ Cuisine.

In a step to learn new fundamentals Becca went to work for Union Square Cafe until Flex Mussels again picked her back up to run both of the busy mussel shop’s locations.

Currently, Becca works for Paris Gourmet out of New Jersey as she begins to branch out into the world of private dining and the pop up restaurant scene.

Private Dining

Do you have an upcoming occasion that you want to celebrate without the hassle of city restaurants? Have that experience come to you. Chef Becca can offer a complete experience from your own home or any location you choose.


Chef Becca can set up your backyard barbecue or 5 star dinner party. She can cater Canapés all the way to full courses and everything in between. Any catering style can be accommodated. Chef Becca would love to help you throw your next event!

Personal Chef

Are you too busy to cook after a long day? Whether you’re a busy mom, or just feeling uninspired, Chef Becca can set up your dinner to where you just heat and serve. All of your family’s tastes and health requirements are accounted for.

Pop-Up Dining

The exciting underground dining scene is quietly taking over NYC. Come join Chef Becca as she and a pastry chef take over spaces for a night to run limited-seating full restaurants in some unexpected locations. This is sure to be a fun night out on the town!

Clean Meal Building

Looking to shred your body or just lose weight? Chef Becca can make scaled, heat-and-serve meals for you to make sure you have no excuses. Get your macro nutrient needs and meals/day realizing that clean food can be delicious and your diet goals can be reached!


Do you own a restaurant that needs help? Chef Becca can help you hire, train, implement new menus and policies, help with health department regulations, installation of new equipment, lowering food and labor costs and more to get your business moving into a profitable direction.

Let’s do this!

If you like what you see, and you’d like to work with me, get in touch today! I can create, and inspire all of your culinary needs and I’m here for you for the simplest, or most extravagant of tastes! Don’t hesitate, reach out today for a free quote!